Hawken First Look Preview (G4)

G4: "Hawken isn't like other indie games - it uses the Unreal engine and features mechs blowing each other to smithereens. Adam Sessler visits with Art Dir. Khang Le for a preview of what might be one of our most-anticipated under-the-radar titles this season."

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rage0hh2779d ago

looks really promising,i will be keeping an eye on this one

blackburn52779d ago

It actually looks very interesting. I'll be keeping my eye out for this one for the PS3. i wonder if it is a downloadable or disc title

Legion2779d ago

Multiplayer only... count me out. If a game can't offer me a single player experience then it will no longer be in my title list. Looks good... but nothing to draw me in but graphics.

Also, last I heard they did not determine which systems this title would be coming to. Has it been confirmed PC only?

therapist2779d ago

there's some more in-depth info, so far it's a tech demo, i think these dudes are shopping for a publisher,

What does worry me is the fact that a project opffset guy is involved in this, this might be some new kind of scam, show some amazing tech demo, then get a bunch of people to invest, squander the money and prfit, the go bankrupt on purpose!!!

SpLinT2779d ago

it it plays like the video, this is my next game for 1 year. It wont though, i have a feeling .

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