Project Café: 8 Gigs Of Flash Storage, That's A Major Problem

Geek Revolt writes "Project Café is expected to be more powerful than current generation consoles, but what good is power if it’s missing a basic feature that the PS3/Xbox 360 has? Today Kotaku reported that Nintendo’s Wii successor "might" skip a hard drive in favor of 8 gigs of flash storage. This is fine for an iPod Touch—but for a next generation console, Nintendo should consider adding a hard drive. Here’s a few reasons why releasing a console with 8 gigs of flash is a major problem."

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Agent-862779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

It really doesn't make sense, especially economically. Sure, they might save a few dollars on the hardware, but think of all the lost opportunities to make money off of DLC, downloadable games, etc. in the future because the customers don't have the space available. If this rumor is true, then I can really see Project Cafe become like the next Dreamcast: only marginally better than current consoles and will probably be outclassed by the PS4 and the next Xbox.

Misterhbk2779d ago

Perhaps this is the "arcade version" for the casuals lol.

Ninty can't be stupid enough not to include a Hard-Drive if they want the core gamers back.

bumnut2778d ago

Maybe they are happy with only appealing to casual gamers (kids, families, old people, etc)

Baccra2778d ago

This is Nintendo we're talking about here, OF COURSE they can be stupid enough to not include a hard drive.

I believe Nintendo's definition of hardcore is far different then our definition of hardcore- and that's the problem here.

matey2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

wait no HDD makes a system capable of proper HD graphics 1080p/60fps and SM4.1/900mhz GPU/Custom triple core faster than 360/ps3/DX10.1/DX11/2gig RAM/HD Haptic controllers with 8 buttons/New wiimotes better than MOVE/Streaming TECH/3DS compatable,Makes it casual get a life 360/ps3 have 1gig of flash thats it 8gig of flash is massive and expandable HCSD cards to store games on is better and makes 4 a smaller sleeker package,HDD is just 1 of a few ways of storage but because Sony/Microsoft do it thats how everyones got to do is RUBBISH if the STREAM HD has streaming tech it could have an Onlive type service which is better as its cheaper.

Misterhbk2778d ago


that would be a valid statement if they hadn't already claimed they are looking to grab the core gamers back.

gravesg2778d ago

MAtey shutup and stop spouting non-sense .. you dont seem to know the differnce between flash memory and RAM! ... the ps3 and xbox 360 don't use flash memory. They use Ram .. extremly low latency ram. ...smh stream hd doesnt exsist ..and onlive was a failure because they could only stream the games in non-hd .. sir plz go gather your facts before you shout non-sense all over the comments

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SantistaUSA2778d ago

Well if the 8gb flash drive is true, then I would least hope that they would allow us to be able to connect the console to an external hard drive, and not a proprietary Nintendo hard drive but any hdd that we could get at the retailers, that would be the smartest move imo!

wwm0nkey2779d ago

I will wait and see if this rumor of the storage is true, if it is then yes its a problem.

Shok2779d ago

This IS just a rumor people. A lot of people are taking this as a fact and bashing Nintendo for it. Just wait till E3.

ChickeyCantor2778d ago

But hey E3 right?
Nintendo will ALWAYS do something to nag about.
Its always been like that. But does it really matter?
It fuels N4G!

apollo062778d ago

I will wait for the big E3 unveil.

death2smoochie2778d ago

If this is rue, is this another attempt at Nintendo and its various reasons over the years to prevent modding/hacks/pirating?
Good God Nintendo please make it not so and have a HDD inside this new console for crying out loud.

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