PlayStation Rewards Beta Shirts Starting to Arrive

PSLS: Pictures and information on the prizes for being part of the PlayStation Rewards Beta.

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UNCyrus1908d ago

*checks mailbox* C'mon!!!

RBLAZE19881908d ago

It sucks I got mine last week. First of all the front is in Japanese so I have no idea what it says. The logo on the sleeve is cool but the problem is the shirt is like double XL so it's like a frickin cape. They could've at least asked for a proper size. Even a large would've been fine (thought I prefer medium) but they send me a frickin double XL.


taco_tom2371908d ago

i think it says playstation lol

UNCyrus1908d ago

It says PlayStation in katakana, btw

RBLAZE19881908d ago

I mean I don't really mind the foreign writing on the shirt but the fact that it is double XL really makes it worthless for me. Sucks...maybe i'll give it to my dad or something. It's 100% cotton so maybe i'll try shrinking it. Though that might ruin it. This sucks

Seraphim1908d ago

most of the time it's a one size fits all which seems to be like a XL or XXL. Sucks but that's they way it is. It's free and they can't take the time and money to specifically get everyone what they want. it's free, be happy! also it's probably not pre-shrunk so it should shrink a good size.

am I missing something though? I thought the email said the Rewards program wasn't rolling out because it needed more work. This article states it's been closed, as in for good. I enjoyed it but they definitely needed quite a bit more work to make it a viable and good, or even decent program.

BrianG1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

EDIT: Oops, was wrong with my previous comment.

But there is an option on the playstation website to chose a t-shirt size. I saw that when making sure my mailing address was correct.

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Taggart4511908d ago

Can't wait for it to come in!

M-Easy1908d ago

No shirt for me!...yet.

Venom2151908d ago

i got mine this morning

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The story is too old to be commented.