1UP: MotorStorm Apocalypse Review

1UP writes: "I don't know why I still do it, but I do: My car gets wrecked; tossed around; ran over; rear-ended out of the winning spot; taken down from a qualifying spot; squashed; or flattened against a highway divider by a monster truck. However the method, I must have watched my chassis explode one too many times on this same race. But after all that, I still hit the X button to respawn my ride in MotorStorm Apocalypse, and go diving back into the fray".

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Brian52472754d ago

Such a solid racing series, I think these games are going to be looked back upon and cherished compared to the run-of-the-mill, dime a dozen racers like NFS. It tried something different and succeeded brilliantly.

Too_many_games2754d ago

They didn't even mention if the online play is good :D

teedogg802754d ago

Ummm...can't play online since PSN is down.

Too_many_games2754d ago

No $ i really need to state "Sarcasm"?

HowarthsNJ2754d ago

I had forgotten how difficult the MS series is (to those out of practice), but I still love it :-)

antauwnehart2754d ago

1up has been irrelevant since 2008!

TheMART2754d ago

MS2 > MS3

MS2 is about racing, MS3 is about scripted events and became some sort of Split Second clone. And is it me or is MS2 even better looking?

Oh and the storymode in MS3 fails HARD.

MmaFan-Qc2754d ago Show
felidae2753d ago

lolol, i can't believe it.

after all this years i'm back to see what's going on here and you're still here trolling.

you mister have a very very sad life!

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