Is the Wii 2 Controller Financially Feasible?

Nintendo has announced the Wii 2 and a full reveal is expected at this year's E3. Much speculation has been made about what the controller will look like. One such rumor is that it will have a HD touch pad in the center, but is that even feasible?

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emitcowboys2757d ago

I don't foresee Nintendo going this route. It wouldn't make enough money.

Tachyon_Nova2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Apart from the money issue, people don't realise just how large a 6 inch screen is. Even the PSP2 only has a 5 inch screen. At 6 inches plus analog sticks (and d-pad?) there is no way your average user could reach the centre of the screen without shifting grip constantly.

iamnsuperman2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I think pachter (I know unreliable) said to make the controller (based n rumours) could cost at least $60 (without touch screen capabilities) on the Bonus round and said normal controllers cost $10 to make and cost us around $60 Unless they are planning to make no money or very small amount of money on the controller it is infeasible Who is going to buy a $100+ controller

ChickeyCantor2757d ago

Bonus round?
Pachter also assumed there was going to be more tech in it.

If the rumors are true, I'm expecting nothing but a screen wich displays data which is streamed directly from the console. I can't see how this can turn out that expensive.

monkeys2757d ago

lcd screens can be very cheap. the ones in the ds are only a few dollars to make.

iamnsuperman2757d ago

They are also half the size and lower resolution to what is being rumoured And if it is going to be touch screen (few rumours hear and there) it can't be like the DS which uses pressure (best from a stylus) imagine holding a stylus while playing on a large controller