PSN Update: THQ Discusses PSN Downtime and Impact

Publishers and developers will feel the pain of PSN being down to various degrees depending on their titles and PSN offerings to the service. So far, most companies haven’t spoken up too much on this subject matter, but THQ has voiced their opinion and how PSN being down has influenced the company over the last several weeks.

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Tony-Red-Grave2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

whoa THQ thats a first for me im reading now to see if its useful

well its not an important read no real info given.

Blaze9292754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )'s only been two weeks o_O

I know several is subjective but c'mon...

zoks3102754d ago

Hopefully this PSN outage will encourage better single player in multiplayer games.

kagon012754d ago

Agreed, no drm, no dlc, no unfinished games, no control over gamers as if they where drug addicts, just traditional gaming and going out to the arcades like the old days...