Supremacy MMA pre-order trailers | everyone fights in strip joints and slaughterhouses, right?

PS3 Attitude says: "Last week we announced Supremacy MMA’s exclusive pre-order bonuses alongside hot off the press trailers for two of the exclusive fighters: Shane Del Rosario and Bao Quach. We now have trailers for the two exclusive venues: the seedy Glass Slipper strip club (where “gentlemen are not allowed”) and the grimy slaughterhouse."

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nevin12780d ago

I dont think this game will do well considering UFC 2010 and MMA didn't. THq did well with 2009 though.

If there is demo plan, it has to show stuff that UFC 2010 and MMA lack. Having females fighters probablyisn't enough.

I saw Xplay's gamdplay preview and it looked stiffed.