Why the PS3 will make a comeback in 2008 gives an interesting take on the console war. They seem to think that eventually PS3 sales will be on par with 360 sales and even greater than the Nintendo Wii.

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PS3 Limps on and on4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I just see that Halo 3 is now out and PS3 is still not dead. Did you see projected world wide sales last week?

As I expected as soon as Halo 3 launch is past, Sony came out firing with price drops. And it's not 2008 yet.

I think the better question is will PS3 make a comeback period. It doesn't matter what year it is. PS3 is planned to be in business for a while.

Mike Ox Big4047d ago

Don't you have to be on top at some point in order to make a "comeback"? When has the PS3 ever led the Charts? Maybe Sony can make a "comeback", but not the PS3.

drtysouf214047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Many contributers have complained to admin about Blookmask using a Ken Kutaragi picture on just about all his PS3 stories. Admin even went and changed the picture of his stories yet he continues to post them. We know that Bloodmask is one of the biggest 360 fans and PS3 Bashers/Haters on this site so he only posts these pictures to mock Ken Kutaragi and PlayStation fans. Look at all his submissions and count how many Ken Kutaragi pictures he's used.

I counted 15 approved stories in the last 45 days alone. And thats not counting all the stories he submits that fail and go to the failed section.

Bloodmask4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I crown you King Crybaby of N4G. So what if I use that pic. Do I report your stories that have RROD pics on them. Like I said there is a difference bw being a fan and being and "Extremist" like you are. This bizarre emotional attachment to the PS3. Grow up man. It'll be OK. Do you report TheMART every time he uses a Ken Kutaragi pic?? It's obvious you have some sort of emotional disdain towards me which is kind of sad because you don't even know me in real life.

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FirstknighT4047d ago

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drtysouf214047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Your the biggest Crybaby on here always whining about people reporting your duplicate fanboy induced negative PS3 stories. Crying about people censoring news yet your a hypocrite because you do the same things you cry and whine and moan about.

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stonedog4047d ago

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tonsoffun4047d ago


"Your the biggest Crybaby on here always whining about people reporting your duplicate fanboy induced negative PS3 stories. Crying about people censoring news yet your a hypocrite because you do the same things you cry and whine and moan about."

Seriously - he is the biggest crybaby? What about yourself? When anyone questions the stories you submit (strangely 99% sony biased and created for inflammatory resopnses and flame fests - all to increase your ranking) you b!tch and moan and whine like a spoilt little brat that wants a new toy.

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segasage4047d ago

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AngryTypingGuy4047d ago

DirtySouf, you are the one who started whining about the Ken Kutagari pic and saying to report Bloodmask to the admin. That makes you the crybaby. Who cares what pic he uses. And who cares what pic you use. Either you should both be able to use what pics you want, or there needs to be some strict rules made. Either way, it needs to be an equal policy all around.

And does anyone else think that there is something seriously not normal about counting the number of stories that someone posts that happen to have a certain picture? And the amount of time they do it in? Holy crap, get a life.

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power of Green 4047d ago

I don't agree with PS3 sales ever being on par with the 360. PS3 will come close or match the 360 in price drop spikes and heavy hitter game release spikes but the trend will always come down to price advantage.

360 bundles releasing soon and MSFT has already mentioned they will drop another $50 soon after the first one(Didn't go with the full $100 due to Halo3 and other games selling the console well enough).

Too many games coming out in 2008 for Sony to just come back and match the 360 in 2008 when the 360 will more than likely cost $200 for the Arcade, $300 Prem and $350 elite with monster titles releasing like Project offset, Huxley(sell like a new Halo FPS) Alan Wake and more Halo games and others.

Sony ofcourse will not be outsold 3 to 1 like they have been. No way in hell is the PS3 not only going to match the 360 sales when the 360 will be $200 cheaper but outsell it by two fold as if the 360 stop selling period.

fenderputty4047d ago

ignore the current PS2 fanbase like it's not important and will have no affect. It's rearted to think this way too. Once these consoles are at prices that average people will pay for, do you think the masses are going to miss out on MGS or FF or GT? How about God of War or Shadow of the Collosus? There are plenty of games coming to the PS3 system that will entice the current PS2 fanbase and yet you always ignore these things.

I do think that this will be close either way. I don't think the PS3 will win by any large margin. I think it's going to be close.

unlimited4047d ago

The price point for the PS3 right now is good for consumers .. Its now affordable for a lot of people.. The games is whats going to make the difference in the end. Sony will own late 0'7, 0'8, and 0'9 with loads of exclusive games.

1. Uncharted Drakes Fortune
2. Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction
4. Time Crisis 4
5. Unreal Tournament 3
6. Heavy Rain
7. Metal Gear Solid 4
8. Kill Zone 2

and lots more.. All these game can be system sellers .. The xbox360 next year only have like 2 games that is exclusive..

Its amazing that the PS3 was able to sell 5 million or more at 599..And now that its 399 I can't imagine how much it will sell..

ruibing4047d ago

Actually a better list of 2008 PS3 exclusives is the following. You can checkout the PS3 exclusive page on wikipedia for confirmation:

Disgaea 3
God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
Driver 5
Eight Days
Fifth Phantom Saga
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Hot Shots Golf 5
Jack and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Killzone 2
L.A. Noire
Metal Gear Online
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
MotorStorm 2
Shin Megumi Tensei: Persona 4
Steambot Chronicles
Star Ocean 4
Tekken 6 (I think its still slated for 2007 for Japan at least)
Valkyrie of the Battlefield
White Knight Story (2007 for Japan)
Yakuza 3

And there are a bunch more which I didn't really care to list, but other people might be interested in. My point is the Sony is still strong as ever as they've dropped their price and started a much better PR campaign.

power of Green 4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Never mind reporting Bloodmast report the people running around personally attacking people. These Sony people are making many accounts using slander to attack people one of them made another account to post lies about me the other day.

The one doing the most crying to the admins are the most biased members on the site and have had more than one account.

I see a person in here that has made many accounts because I'v ignored this person twice already.

This ridiculous agenda on this site does not reach the mainstream population. Check out the news post history of the fanatics running around complaining about "pics" before you waste the admins time.

On topic: PS3 has to consistently match the 360 at least, out selling it consistently is another story. PS3 would have to be the price of the Wii to make up "6 MILLION" consoles. LOL Wii price and appeal helped the Wii catch up to the 360, it was a craz the casual consumers lead the charge in for Nintendo Wii(casual consumer do not buy $300 consoles let alone $400 consoles, the 360 is too close to the mass market range that will appeal to all demographics.

drtysouf214047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Everyone ask admin if i have more then one account. Ask admin if Power of Green, The Round Peg, and Bloodmask have more then one account and then come back and talk to me.

Also this is a positive PS3 story i won't approve because of Bloodmask.

FirstknighT4047d ago

It's no secret that sony fanboys spend hours and days creating multiple accounts and enjoy ignoring 360 owners with ALL their accounts. It's even more sad that sometimes you catch them replying and agreeing with themselves. So Sad! :(

AnalFace4047d ago

your a typical [email protected] your silly opinions mean sh*t to any body but your bum boy xbot friends... PS3 sales are going to go through the roof this year and next... welcome to real next gen...

This Is Living.

power of Green 4047d ago

Report as way off topic hate; personal attack spam.

You guys did the same dance with the first drop.

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