Sony Execs Hit Like "Stung Mullets" After HD DVD Decision

Stunned mullets. Australian colloquialism; to act like a stunned mullet is to be "dazed and confused," "in a furious rage," "mad as a cut snake" and "in a state of undeniable anger."

Smarthouse (Australia) reports: Senior Sony executives are according to one senior insider acting like "Stunned Mullets" today (October 18, 2007) following the decision by key Blu-ray partner JB HiFi to drop their exclusive support for Blu-ray and start selling the Toshiba-backed HD DVD.


Disclaimer: Someone pointed out that David Richards, the journalist who reported the article, may have some credibility issue. Please see Alternative Sources. (Which means you should read his articles with a fair degree of skepticism.)

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sak5004074d ago

Where is that idiot BLOCK HEAD sony exec who predicted HDDVD death within few months?

Lex Luthor4074d ago

They are still waiting ;)

Sony and their fanboys are alike.

JsonHenry4074d ago

Personally, I don't care what console plays what DVD format - I think that the Blu-Ray technology is simply a better format.

As much as I hate to say that about a Sony product due to bad experiences in the past with them - I hope Blu-ray wins out.

demolitionX4074d ago

HD DVD, JB HiFi???!!!!! 360??!!!

Lucreto4074d ago

You win some you lose some.

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The story is too old to be commented.