New Transformers Dark of the Moon Screens at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted several new images from the pending Transformers Dark of the Moon Game.

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Garethvk2778d ago

The movie trailer looked good as well. I am not expecting a great story or acting but the FX should be good.

jidery2778d ago

The visuals are crazy good.

Garethvk2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The developer of the last two games is doing this one. I liked the smother controls and easier transform button last time out so I hope they have modified the good platform of the last one. We interviewed Don Jeanes who plays Neil Armstrong in the film he said that they did shoot in 3D so no lame post conversion stuff like they are doing for Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. So far Pirates and Transformers are the only shot in 3D summer films.

Don Jeanes Interview

Steve Blum Transformers Prime

KingDustero2778d ago

If only a company that deserves money was publishing this game. I would really like to support the devs, but I'm NEVER going to give another penny to Activision while they're run by greed.

The game does sound and look pretty good though. I'll probably just pick it up used as soon as I find a used copy.

BX812778d ago

Just keep in mind while you choose not to support the publishers of that game you're choosing not to support the devs as well. It sucks but someone has to make and publish the game.

KingDustero2778d ago

I know, which really does suck. High Moon is full of great and passionate people. If only they had someone else publishing their games.

I might just break down and buy it new to support them. If I had enough money I would just buy the game used and then send $60 directly to them if possible.

One thing is for sure though. I'm NEVER supporting another CoD game anytime soon, new or used.

Garethvk2778d ago

King, can you tell me what the hatred over Call of Duty is? Being in the media we do not always get the full story behind the anger over it. Is it having to pay for maps now which used to be free for the PC users, is it issues with the game? I liked Black Ops but I know there were online issues to start. Is it backlash over the issues at Infinity Ward and rumors of future charges for online play?

BX812778d ago

@KingDustero LOL! Sometimes I wish I could send the money str8 to the devs. too.

@Garethvk. COD is burning because every time a COD game gets released it's just as buggy as the last and with all the money the loyal fans give it what have they been given back? Nothing! You get $15 dollar map packs piss poor support (although Black ops is stepping up). Gears of war is on it's 3rd game in the series and at least after they did Gears 2 online all kinds of wrong Epic realized a huge public beta is needed. COD MW did it but none else. Also Epic realized dedicated servers are needed as well. Will the next COD game have it? We can only hope. Crysis 2 is another example of a good game hurt by not having dedicated servers. I'm talking about consoles because I don't PC game. Thanks for your time

Garethvk2778d ago

Its a tough thing. I worked with two companies when I was starting the media stuff. So many good developers are at the mercy of numbers driven suits. I remember one who did not even know about the games that were being released. He had to ask a developer to describe it. Memos always mentioned we moved so many units not so and so sold this and so on. Games cost millions to develop now so companies need large pocketed publishers but they tend to only care about how much money they can make. That is why companies like Valve and Blizzard(yes I know they are in the Activision family) are so rare as they wait until it is done and ready before they ship and they give lots of free stuff to the fans.

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