RAGE: Here’s what to expect

RAGE is a post-apocalyptic shooter, but before you say, “God, another one of these!” know that I’m tired of them too. But I think that RAGE will be a whole new view on the already crowded genre, and heres why:
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the_kutaragi_baka2784d ago

I think some will be disappointed in this game.

Rage screams the word "borderlands" rip off in terms of story for me. I'm also disappointed to see this game use iron-sights..

Eiffel2784d ago

FYI, Borderlands doesn't own the post-apocalyptic theme, as well RAGE has been in development longer than Borderlands, and lastly unlike Borderlands this actually looks fun. I regret buying Borderlands, most boring title I've ever played.

shnarbis2784d ago

good point. when i saw this game i was somewhat like borderlands, but more so "fallout." But i mean, Bethesda developed fallout, so it can't be a rip off of a game from the same company! hahahahhaha. I will not make a decision till I see some reviews though later on though.

MasterD9192783d ago

Borderlands is nothing like Rage aside from the canyons and post apocalyptic scenery...the gameplay has DOOM written all over it if anything.