Assassins Creed Revelations - Third Teaser revealed

Ubisoft unveiled the third Teaser of Assassins Creed Revelations that shows a mosque and some more mysterious Symbols.

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2fk2786d ago

i hate teasers...but im looking forward to this game

lociefer2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

24/06/1459 hmmm
according to some site, this is wut happened in 1459
x - The Ottoman Empire ruled over the Kosova region of Serbia.u.1912
x - Jakob Fugger II, German banker. He minted his own money and maintained banks in every European capital. He held a contract for managing the Pope's money and collected cash for the remission of sins. He bankrolled the election of Charles V. u.1525
x - Maximilian I. Holy Roman Emperor u.1519.
x - The Serbs fell under Turkish rule and all of Serbia became the property of the sultan and all Serbs became bond-slaves to the land. Serbian national identity survived with the restoration in1557 of the Serbian patriarchate at Pec.

Istanbull2786d ago

AC3 will take place in Istanbul Ottoman Empire.

You can see the Aya Sofya mosque and the Sultan's seal, we call it "Tugra" in Turkish.

I'm excited, Ezio for Ottoman Empire!

moegooner882786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Not Taj Mahal but probably the blue mosque in Turkey:

user8586212786d ago

your right does look like it

roykeu2786d ago

I was thinking the same thing but it's not the blue mosque. It's the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. But the artifact or symbol they are showing is something i really don't know what it is.

Paragon2786d ago

And one person is going through and disliking the comments. Haha

antauwnehart2786d ago

Ubisoft destroyed pop for the sake of the crap that is assassins creed! Ubisoft can go to heck!
The last 2 pops were strait garbage.

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