Tomb Raider scans

Check out some scans of Tomb Raider from OPM.

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BeckyLikesChocolate2778d ago

tr needs an overhaul. i hope they do it right. character design looks great

Orionsangel2778d ago

Easily the best in game graphics model of Lara Croft ever created.

itsralf2778d ago

looking forward to this. i just purchased the tomb raider trilogy a few days ago. played legend, anniversary and underworld when they came out. but i got bored over the weekend and needed some games to trophy hunt. hopefully this game will live up to the classic tomb raider games. not dissing crystal dynamics, but the recent titles have been extremely linear and easy... enjoyable, but they don't have that "classic" tomb raider feel. the sense of exploration has been killed. they kinda turned it into a corridor platformer.

Who2778d ago

I just got trilogy too, I'm currently on Anniversary .. very nostalgic.

But I do agree, the older TR games were more about exploration and the action/fights moments were very unexpected and heart-pounding.

I just finished Legend and it felt kind of like Uncharted to me. Not that it's a bad thing, but I hope this reboot will bring back the origin of Tomb Raider.

Kos-Mos2778d ago

How old was she when she pumped her breasts with silicone?

coolfool2778d ago

Actually, in keeping with with her more realistic emotions in this game, I think she has more realistic proportions/looks as well. She's still sporty but curvy but in a much more conceivable way.

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