Top 5 Video Games that Should Be Films

GameDynamo - "Do you cringe at the memories of Double Dragon and the Mario Bros. films? Did you clamor to the theater to see Max Payne and/or Doom? Well, that means you are aware that video game movies are about as hit or miss as comic book movies. Personally, I feel like there is a great deal of potential in the video game universe for some really great movies. After giving it some thought, the following are five games that I think would make for excellent films, in no particular order."

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Lamarthedancer2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

L4D would be amazing. You could basicaly make a movie out of each campaign. If the film dosen't do very well and there's no sequel then at least the cinema audience would just think they got away on the helicopter at the end of No Mercy, if their was a sequel you can easiley continue it.

If this list was submitted a year ago I would of said Uncharted but be careful what you wish for since David O Russel is going to destroy the film which could of been amazing in the right hands. The worst part is seeing NaughtyDog not doing anything about it even though they know we don't wan't him anywhere near the film rights as he dosen't respect the source material.

NanoSoldier2758d ago

My Top 5

God of War
Gears of War
Dead Space

DeeZee2759d ago

I have to say, I wasn't expecting to see Punch Out on that list.

Nac2758d ago

How about none of them.

When did the mindset that films are the "master medium" start?

Kamin02758d ago

Punch Out was definitely not expected.
How about Metal Gear Solid??

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