PSP Games That Belong On 3DS (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Just because a third party publisher releases a game for a specific system, that doesn't mean the company can't bring said game to another platform. Titles that were exclusive a few years ago can definitely make their way to a different handheld.

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Lamarthedancer2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I think all these Kingdom hearts spins offs shoud of stuck to one handheld and if I had to pick it would be the PSP or later on in the year NGP.

Kingdom hearts and KH2 were released for the PS2. Fair enough make the story as complicated as you want....but don't put them on differen't handhelds so people won't be able to understand the story.

forevercloud30002755d ago

Preach Monkey Preach!!!!
Sony's consoles is where KH belongs. The spin offs should all be available for PSP(and NGP in futures) as the main series should come to PS3. If there is a God, PLEASE don't let SE try to take KH3 to Wii or something stupid like that :/

Anyway, this list pretty much targets some of the biggest games for PSP. Personally, I always hated the DS's library of games. Other than Pokemon,TWEWY,FF Tactic A2, maybe a few others, I though the games available for the system were vastly outshined by great PSP titles. Sigh, unfortunately I'm the only one who collected PSP titles like Patapon, Jeanne D'arc, MGS PO, FFVII Crisis Core, etc.

Darkseeker2755d ago

Doubt it's gonna be on anything else then PS3 with Nomura. Look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he said it was gonna be exclusive to PS3, he stood up to what he said and now it's definitely a PS3 exclusive.

Istanbull2755d ago

LOL KH BBS not only belongs to the PSP, it should belong to the PS3! Not the 3DS! 3DS has a pathetic line up, the best line up so far is from the PSP, just look at them PSP games releasing!

EYEamNUMBER12755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

megaman powered up?
ghost and goblins?

the only series i care goes to the 3DS (which it will) is monster hunter but when it does come over i really hope they add online to it
japan might not need online for monster hunter since so many people have handhelds over there but we would need it in the west

Darkseeker2755d ago

Doubt they're gonna bring Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep to 3DS. The game was released here and they even released it again in japan with more content on PSP.

With all those other spinoffs and the possibility of a Kingdom Hearts 3 eventually and Final Fantasy Versus 13 that is coming exclusively to PS3, it's safe to say Nomura not only doesn't have any more time for this game, but that he also done with it.

emk20042755d ago

Why put the on handhelds at all? port them to ps2 at least or make a hd collection for ps3/360 containing all of them, i personally dont like hand held gaming so as a fan of the KH games its really annoying.

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