Would you care if the PSN never came back?

The PSN is supposed to make its return this week, but the Gamer Sheep website wonders if gamers have begun to accept a world without it.

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movements2755d ago

That's a question? Come on...

SantistaUSA2755d ago

That's just a retarded question!

Winter47th2755d ago Show
news4me2755d ago

I'll keep it short:


blitz06232755d ago

What kind of effin' question is that?

evrfighter2755d ago

now wait a second it's a perfectly legit question. For days now all you've seen is the fanboys saying

"lawl who needs multiplayer, singleplayer is all you need!!1"

so again why is this question irrelevant?

Army_of_Darkness2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Dude, having the psn down temporarily for a few weeks is fine to catch up on a few single player modes, but NOT permanently. Stop trying to be a smart ass when you clearly know what those gamers are talking about... Damn.

@pixel army.... For someone that blocks out "f**king" then spells it fully in caps later "FUCK" shouldnt be calling anyone else a moron;-)

AAACE52755d ago

(Two sided answer)

Yes it needs to come back because gamers liked it.

No because for the most part, it is a free service that could end up costing Sony millions in legal issues.

kikizoo2755d ago

@army of darkness, don't try to use logic and intelligence with xfantrolls, they can't understand.

jke822755d ago

n4g has quality control winter click the plus sign by the url under the story link you can vote the web sites and the story

Istanbull2755d ago

I am loyal PlayStation fan since 1995, why should that change?

I'm actually glad the PSN is down, PlayStation was always about singleplayer, we must go back to our origins. I hope people will find the true meaning and essence and strenth of the PlayStation brand.

Ofcourse, I love the PSN too, its part of the PlayStation family, but singleplayer above all!

playboi282755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


I agree about people leaving the single player experience but let's not discount the fact that people have been playing multiplayer games heavily since Street Fighter II and 007 Goldeneye. The problem is that most games nowadays do not have multiplayer on the same system anymore and that requires you to have PSN to play with a friend.

2755d ago
chazjamie2754d ago

No not really i dont really care that its down. I hardly use it. And thats my answer.

TheDeadMetalhead2754d ago

Well let's see, I've already unlocked EVERYTHING in the Career in Modnation Racers, so yes I would definitely care.

HappyGaming2754d ago

No because I live in the year 1990 and online gaming seems like a thing of the future which I don't even believe is possible...


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ikkeweer2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Not if we'd get PSN+
Don''t play online that much, but I''m really starting to miss my two weekly KZ3 sessions by now.

joydestroy2755d ago

i'd never accept a world without the PSN. would seriously consider getting rid of my console if it never came back. not enough LENGTHY and GOOD SP games out there these days. guess i would just miss out on the few like Uncharted =/

Blaine2754d ago

More than mp though, I'd miss the weekly store updates. New demos and trailers, dlc, etc. But I'd miss mp a helluva lot, for sure.

HolyOrangeCows2755d ago

PS3 gamers: "Ummmm.....yes; duh"

Trolls/fanboys: "No!"
"Noez! Mah info will be stolez!"
"now wait a second it's a perfectly legit question. For days now all you've seen is the fanboys saying
'lawl who needs multiplayer, singleplayer is all you need!!1'
so again why is this question irrelevant?"

"considering that over 10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later; America has killed one man"
Only ONE man?? You're joking, right? I'm not justifying anything, but you can't seriously say that in the operations in the middle east, the US only got "one man"....

Anon19742755d ago

Wow. I guess I'm in the minority here. If the PSN never came back online, it would be a loss but I don't think I would lose any sleep over it. I still play my Xbox 360 and I haven't used XBL for anything - at all, for probably 3 years now. I get my online fix with my PS3 primarily - but I'm an older gamer. Gaming for me has always been more of a solitary activity unless I have the other gamers actually in the same room with me.

If the PSN never came back online, I think I'd mostly miss the downloadable PSN titles - but like I said, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

the_kutaragi_baka2755d ago

lol at the angry kids who can’t play online.

you guys could just go outside? you know? fresh air? the sun?

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Warprincess1162755d ago

Wow that was a stupid question. OF COURSE WE WOULD CARE!

outwar60102755d ago

ive gotten use to and have been playing sp and trophy hunting my only concern is that NOBODY will see those trophies

gunnerforlife2755d ago

i wouldnt! and same with the older generation of gamers! only the new kids on the block would actually cry like babies if it never came back! i hardly ever play multiplayer games cuz i dont really have time for it and dont find it that attractive of a prospect to be honest

Sanii2755d ago

Depends if my 360 gets some new games or not I guess

Pixel_Enemy2755d ago

If my 360 could play infamous 2, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, Killzone, and so on hen I wouldnt mind so much. But since that isn't likely then I would care if it never came back lol

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omi25p2754d ago

@TheBlind the question is have you ever attended an english lesson?


Aarix2754d ago

if my ps3 could play gears of war, alan wake, halo reach, AC6, mass effect and splinter cell conviction I would pay the $150 they want to fix the YLOD

Pixel_Enemy2754d ago

That is why I own all of the consoles. I don't want to miss out on any exclusives no matter what system. Gears, Alan Wake, Uncharted, GOW, Killzone, Mario, doesn't matter as long as I can still play them.

I don't understand the reasoning behind only owning one console and claiming it is the best. Doesn't make sense to me

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Bowzabub2755d ago

In other "news"..... Do you think any radical Muslims are upset over the death of Osama Bin Laden? Sources say they may be.

outwar60102755d ago

does it strike you as odd that they dumped the body at sea? i dont think they got him they're just trying to give justification for the whole invasion of afghanistan and iraq thing to say that they have results but considering that over 10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later; America has killed one man. All this and america has no nhs and mass unemployment and little financial security for its citizens. Would you consider this a victory?

dragon822755d ago

Unfortunetly, there will never be any "Victory" from this whole situation. The country is happy that Osama is "dead" but what's next?? Where do we go from here??

Bowzabub2755d ago

Was very smart to bury him at sea... Had they buried him on land it would have driven radicals to make a shrine of his burial site.

outwar60102755d ago

( ree/2011/may/03/bin-laden-death -us-patriot-reflex?mobile-redir ect=false)
its a great read

Killzone3___2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

well said , if people can't see the truth then they are really stupids and don't know anything about the life in these countries ..

America government is envolved to the terrorsit that happening in middle east and afganistan , Osama bin ladin is just a tool for them to order him and to hide the truth ..

i won't believe them now even if they shows a body because of the fake picture and to all the things they did and doing to the middle east...

lh_swe2754d ago

I think that they may have found him already dead and came up with the brilliant plan to say that he was actually alive until America ended the life of 'the bad man' to have Americans cheer over the fact that 'they' saved the day.

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Killzone3___2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

bin laden is not muslim , he's just like sadam , muslims don't kill ! we are all want him dead ..
but claiming they killed him without showing the body is stupid , it's like fooling an animal , it's obvious fake because elections are coming soon , he claim he did something good to fool americans that he do good things to vote for him , i already talked about this , look at my old comments..

so be happy with the fake news , it's really stupid believing on governments because they are the real terrorists , just look at the middle east , the rulers and the governments are killing their own people and Obama just say stupid things , he say to the king stop just to show people he is good but the truth is he let them do this to us ...