PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Charge Station

Keep your SIXAXIS controllers fully charged and looking sexy. IGN's exclusive reveal and review.

The Controller Charging Station for the PlayStation 3 is a modern looking, swept-back spire rising from a black base. The leading edge of the spire has two clear plastic docking bays with mini-USB connections jutting out. PlayStation 3 controllers couple with the docking bays and appear to levitate to a degree, floating one above the other on the docking station's spire. A pair of USB ports inset at the base of the spire offers the ability to charge up to four SIXAXIS controllers at once, two in the docking bays, and two via USB wires.

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Cat4075d ago

nifty, but i've never run into any problem keeping the controllers charged. the charge lasts for ages, and plugging them into the system is hassle-free.

tethered4075d ago

I agree but it does away with wires in front of the PS3 and thats a huge plus for me.

I might buy one.

squallsoft4075d ago

very sexy, ill be sure to pick this up asap

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago

meh, there was another braded charge station, I want something made my sony, something official, i don't want this thing to burn my batteries.

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The story is too old to be commented.