Wii 2: What Features Do YOU Want? [Poll]

Wii 2 (or whatever Nintendo ultimately calls its new console) will be in the spotlight at this year's E3 in June. While there are numerous rumors flying around the web right now about the Wii successor, we won't know what's official until Nintendo holds its press conference to unveil the machine.

IndustryGamers has already chatted with a few developers to see what they would most like to see in a follow-up to the Wii, and now we're turning our sights towards you, the readers.

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donniebaseball2780d ago

Looks like HD graphics and robust online are winning. No love for augmented reality?

SantistaUSA2780d ago

Great points. I would love to play Nintendo first party games in HD, and if they make sure to have a great online support then I will be happy! :)

cochise3132780d ago

I would like it to be more powerful than the ps3 and 360, seeing as though it's 6 years newer. And I would like a HDD, better online, and no friend codes.

Menech2780d ago

But how would I make friends without my friend codes I haven't got many.....

Shane Kim2780d ago

If it's really named project cafe, then for the love of God, rename it. No other features needed.

meganick2780d ago

Nintendo never ends up using its codenames, so you can bet it will end up with a different name.

R_A_LEE202780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The names Nintendo Dolphin and Revolution come to mind and their real names turned out to be the GameCube and Wii.

So its almost for certain that Cafe won't last for long. Also most Projects real names usually turn out sounding nothing like their original name.

Dasteru2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Couldn't care less about graphics, imo the artistic style is more important than graphical realism, just give me a conventional controller and atleast 720p res on all games and ill be happy.

meganick2780d ago

I want it to be significantly more powerful than PS3 and 360 as the rumors suggest, and I want it to have a real harddrive with a lot of space. I'm hoping the 8gb installed flash memory rumor is untrue. That's much too small, and it will really limit the types of games developers can release for download. I also like the idea of a controller with a touch screen. I hope that rumor is true.

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