Bethesda Announces Fallout: New Vegas DLC and I Don’t Think I Care

SG - Sorry to start the headline with the word “Bethesda” and not have anything new about Skyrim, but this is big, BIG news! Remember that game you bought last year that critics were raving about?

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Led-Zeppelin2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

This is you telling us your bored with New Vegas, mkay... doesn't really affect us who still enjoy the game. As for problems, I swear on my life I have NEVER had a freeze,crash,or glitch while I played New Vegas, I did hae problems though wile I played Fallout 3. I guess I'm just lucky.

Bear_Grylls2778d ago

Me to.

Just seems to be a lot of haters for this great game.

Oschino19072778d ago

Well I had alot of freezes and crashes while playing, i think the most i ever got was maybe 1 - 1 1/2 hours before a freeze and that was rare, been almost unplayable for months, yes my blu ray went but was playing some games for months after New Vegas was unplayable. I pre ordered Collectors Edition and got Collectors Edition guide day 1. I pray when i activate new system and transfer data that i will finally be able to play this game for extended times without freezing and get to really enjoy it for once!

Bear_Grylls2778d ago

PC or Console???

PC version goes great since day 1 for me.

Bear_Grylls2778d ago

Well that explains it then.

You bought the shoddy port. Sad but true.

Not saying that it's OK that they shipped a shitty console title.

But I have never had to worry about that.

frjoethesecond2778d ago


I have the PC version. It's never crashed but it does have a game breaking sound bug where every sound crackles and pops. This POS is infinitely worse than Fallout 3 IMO.

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RankFTW2778d ago

I had a few crashes and glitches but that doesn't mean the game isn't super awesome. Can't wait for GOTY :D.

GodsHand2778d ago

I have the complete opposite, Fallout 3 works fine for me, rarely a freeze, but Fallout New Vegas always freeze on me after about an hour of play time.

bwazy2778d ago

You apparently care enough to write 3 paragraphs of information.

Tuxedoassassin2778d ago

I care about the new DLC.
But nobody care about this "article".

outwar60102778d ago

do any of these dlc allow you to play beyond the end? of the main story?

Pillville2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


I seriously doubt it, mainly because of the way the main story ends, it would be hard to let you continue.

Basically just about everyone in New Vegas is there because of the build up to the Dam battle. It would be hard to have a post-dam-battle world.

Oschino19072778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Only one i know if is Lonesome Hearts (i think thats the one), where you actually meet Courier 6 who was supposed to do the job you got shot doing and you find out why he didnt do it and more about that back story.

@Pillville - And sorry but i havnt even played through the whole game yet cause of problems with game and system but have you actually played it Pillville? Alot of those places were there and had people well before the dam ordeal, only thing that really changed was the build up of NCR and Legion factions, NCR has a outpost there regardless and most every town and area is there whether or not the story you play through happens. I mean really how many towns or faction did you come across that were there just for the story you play and the dam battle, very very few! Although many are affected and have an interest in which way the battle goes they did not show up because of it... The world of New Vegas is there no matter what.

Pillville2778d ago

Unlike FO3, most of the the side quests in New Vegas deal with one of the main factions. You use those side quests to build or destroy reputations with those factions.

Just about all the side quests would become either pointless or illogical to do after the main story line is finished.

FO3 could do it because the side quests were pretty self contained (find a violin, kill a tree-person-mutation).

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