Red Faction: Armageddon - Complete Demo Gameplay

The complete demo walkthrough and gameplay from the newly released Red Faction: Armageddon which is now up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace to Xbox LIVE Gold members.

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Blaze9292699d ago

Looks good, definitely picking this one up. Lemme go ahead and add this demo to my queue

ProA0072699d ago

I miss the first-person days. But this still look good

Blaze9292699d ago

Red Faction 1 is still my favorite.

The_Nameless_One2699d ago

Yeah...There's a definite shortage in FPS games these

Jacobster2699d ago

I can't believe the guy playing the demo failed so soon ha!

Looks cool though, looking forward to the destruction modes..just wish they give you more time to level a whole area in that particular mode.

awiseman2699d ago

Linear faction is linear

This is a corridor shooter however you look at it.

Red Faction Guerilla remains the beast of the series imo

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