Demo inFamous 2 arriving soon

PSFocus writes: Last friday we had a chance to talk with Kenneth Schramm from Sucker Punch. We asked him if we can expect a demo. More information via the link.

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Electroshocked2548d ago

Awesome, can't wait to try it out, considering that I didn't get the chance at trying it out with the beta, hey maybe I'll get it when we get the 30 days free PS+ when PSN comes back online, even so, this game is going to be amazing...

xYLeinen2548d ago

No demo needed for this one :)

I absolute loved the first one and from what I've seen and heard this one is better in every aspect.

rabidpancakeburglar2548d ago

Correction. Demo needed for this one so that we get to experience the awesomeness up until it releases

e-p-ayeaH2547d ago

a demo is always needed

Killzone3___2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

it doesn't need a demo but i want to try it early :P .. especially uncharted 3..

DavidMacDougall2547d ago ShowReplies(1)
Venom2152547d ago

cant wait this games gona be awesome

2547d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.