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Lair 2: It Could Work

IPC says: "There is no denying that the original Lair wasn’t good, this was mainly attributed to the game featuring flawed six-axis control. However the principle of controlling a dragon in a hack and slash type RPG hasn’t really been explored (well) so if your willing to indulge the ‘what if’ follow the link to see how I believe Lair 2 could actually work." (Lair, PS3)

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waltyftm  +   1620d ago
So could Haze 2.
Nitrowolf2  +   1620d ago
It can, both these titles can. As long as they fix everything that was wrong with the first ones and make them more playable they might be able to work then.
NewMonday  +   1620d ago
Imagine Lair 2 developed by the makers of Warhawk, dragons for planes, chariots for cars and elephants for tanks. With battles taking place around magic cities with skyscraper high walls and flying islands.
Dsnyder  +   1620d ago
I agree with Nitro. Look at Killzone 2 as a great example of what a second chance can do. I would love to see Lair 2 but only if they remove any and all motion control gimmicks. That would probably be likley with them though
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jerethdagryphon  +   1620d ago
'fixing' lair like that it wouldnt be lair it would be ego draconis more or less,
it doesnt need fixing the story was basic but good the sound rocked only the controllers needed fixing

its not a hack and slash rpg its a fun game
Nitrowolf2  +   1620d ago
Lair one had potential. The concept wasn't bad but the execution was by many. I think they could really make this game good if they tried again or got another team to do it (maybe Santa Monica?. I still think the idea is great and would be awesome if devs did it right.
yewles1  +   1620d ago
If only Factor 5 could've focused less on making it their depiction of a Dragon "Sim", then perfecting the combat mechanics, it would've been MUCH more playable.
death2smoochie  +   1620d ago
The game had potential but they tried too much with it.
First off make i 720p Native not trying to go higher.
Improve the textures and not make the game so repetitive.
mixelon  +   1620d ago
Agreed, I have a "Lair's failure shouldn't discourage dragon games" article a bit like this in the pipeline. XD Good to see people saw the potential in Lair. I'd rather see it continued as a dragon flight/action game like the original though, just a GOOD one this time.

We have enough big dragony RPGs incoming i think.
jamieboy  +   1620d ago
if i remember rightly they added analogue control via a patch, and eurogamer re,reviewed the game with the new patch and gave it a 7 0uta 10, while the original review was 3 , the game became playable immensely.
blackburn5  +   1620d ago
If people would stop harping on about the original Lair, which was no where are bad as people went on about, Lair 2 could be be better now that technology has advanced and many things could be done to fix it's problems. But every time anyone mentions a Lair sequel some idiot boomerangs back to some talk about the original. It was a good idea that just needed some fine tuning.
Dark_king  +   1620d ago
I played until I got pretty good but the six axis controls where just not well done.Now Warhawk did them pretty good.The game was certainly good though.I would buy a sequel if they want to make one.Just tighten up the controls and allow people to choose between six axis and analog.Some online battle might be fun both co-op and vs.
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1620d ago
For a launch title it was pretty good. I think everyone got caught up in the hype and were expecting it to be some kind of revolution in gaming.

The game lacked a lot of features, the controls were not that great and yes there were some redundancy but taking it for what it was.....I thought it was a good game, not great but for a launch title it wasn't half bad. It's probably the best game out right now that is dragon related. If you are a fan of dragons...I would recommend it. You could probably find a really cheap copy of it as well somewhere.
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PSjesus  +   1620d ago
As a big Factor5(RIP)fan I'd love to see their team work on other
Lair,the first one had a major controls issue before the
patch but the big hype as a lunch title killed it.
Not even a Star wars fan but Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader was the reason to buy GC and still one of the best looking game and awesome game play.
LightofDarkness  +   1620d ago
Problem: I don't mind them taking the concept of Lair and just running in a far better direction with it, but the problem is that unsuccessful new IPs can be cancerous to sequels. And no publisher would really try to back a sequel to a game that failed critically and commercially, not for the amount of money required to make the venture worthwhile or even good.

What they best do is use what they've learned from the original, demonstrate a definite and clearly superior gameplay system and slap a new title on it and shop it around. That's the only way that would even garner interest outside of the blindly loyal Sony fanboys. After playing the original, I can safely say that Lair 2 needs to be A LOT better than the original in order to get my money.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1620d ago
I have
this VERY strong desire to try Lair just tosee how bad it is. I just don't want to buy it. LOL I have no idea why I want to play it so bad. :/
Surfaced  +   1620d ago
I know that feeling. I caved, and bought it for $10.
It was not worth it. I played it once, for about half an hour, and I've never touched it again.

Even with the analog patch, Lair is a horrendous game... especially by today's standards. You won't be prepared for how bad it is, both in graphics and gameplay.
Surfaced  +   1620d ago
Fine, but who would make it?

Lair players may have noticed how similar it was to Star Wars: Roque Squadron games.

That's because it was made by the same developer, Factor5. But now Factor5 is defunct, as they shutdown a year or two ago.
hano  +   1620d ago
I really want Lair 2. Too bad Factor 5 has gone down, they were a good studio.
Heavenly Sword 2 should be made as well, that game had the best acting in cut scenes ever. Strange that no fuss was made about the facial animation in it like LA Noir.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1620d ago
Yes, please someone make this game.
Jdoki  +   1619d ago
Lair wasn't half as bad as people make out.

For me the controls were not the biggest issue - they needed tweaking, but not massively - it was the poor mission structure in places and a few other niggles that annoyed me.

I could never understand how the game got slammed so hard. It was decent, and technically very advanced at the time. I think peoples expectations were just sky high

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