Sony Sending Out Emails Telling People About The SOE Attack

Gamrzz recently received an email from Sony stating that a number of things had happened to their network in different areas, now if your plugged into the news then you will obviously know this but its helpful that they are informing everyone who managed to ignore all of this.


Please note that this news is in regards to an e-mail sent out from SOE on the attacks and not the e-mails previously sent out by Sony regarding the PSN attacks.

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Oh man! I better call the credit card companies before it's too late.

Ranshak2778d ago

Skynet is becoming self aware, global communication networks are going down, humanity as we know it will come to an end.


Urr wait its just the Sony networks going down.

Will-UK2778d ago

Yeah I got this email and thought it was spam at first, until I realised I made a SOE account last year.The I read the news of the hack on the SOE website hopefully this issue is resolved quickly.

tehpees32778d ago

I don't think I got mine yet. I heard about Sony online though. I don't see the point hacking these as well. unless the hackers actually came clean to Sony about demands its just pointless

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claterz2778d ago

I just wanna know when PSN will be back on, I've gotten pretty much everything out of the SP in all my games now lol.

Jdub895O2778d ago

shit i can play the singleplayer games all day......but then again i have over a 100 games stored on the hardrive and 40 games on disc.

claterz2778d ago

I love playing SP, BUT I have Portal 2 and MS:A sitting in front of me and I really wanna get online on both of 'em.

nevin12778d ago

do people really hate Sony that much to attack their networks?

user83971442778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I guess they do because they did it.

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