New Demos on Xbox Live Feature LEGO and Red Faction

New Demos for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Red Faction: Armageddon hit Xbox Live today. The Armageddon demo was scheduled to come out for PSN today as well but no word on when the demo will hit with the service offline still. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will release on the 10th of May and features 70 playable characters from the films. LEGO Pirates is the 8th release in the series of LEGO titles.

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InTheKnow2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I have been looking forward to this title for a while.

XBL demo

awiseman2755d ago

dude i played it and its lackluster compared to the open world beast that was guerrilla.

Bigbangbing2754d ago

Played Red Faction demo and surprisingly I liked a few things about it.. but the camera is TOO CLOSE!

Neko_Mega2754d ago

Can't play Red Faction demo, do to I'm testing the New Xbox Update and it keeps saying I have to buy demos.

gorebago2754d ago

The red faction demo compelled me to go to gamestop and rebuy guerilla. Love it.

jozzah2754d ago

Just played the demo and reckon guerilla was alot more fun

Kingdom Come2754d ago

How so? Because the Demo wasn't open world? The gameplay has progressed brilliantly, the new weapons/Gadgets/Abilities are great additions and in my opinion, whilst I loved Guerrilla's large map, I didn't feel there was enough life within the map.

And don't forget, there will still be above ground aspects to Armageddon, just tighter and less open, which will inevitabley result in a more emersive experience.

I personally are looking forward to a multiplayer Demo, Guerrilla had a very original twist on third person multiplayer and was a great temporary distraction from my more frequently played games, hopefully the multiplayer has become even more innovative...

jozzah2754d ago

hahaha I do miss the game being open world to be honest. And yeah the game play is better with gadgets and such but it just doesn't feel as good, ill wait for the full release and hire it.

Also Guerrilla did have great multiplayer but I do believe Armageddon now has just a horde mode type multiplayer.

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