Do We Need a Bin Laden Video Game?

Before most gamers could finish watching the news the internet decided to pose the rhetorical question of: what game will feature the opportunity to hunt down Osama Bin Laden?

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Joni-Ice2758d ago

No we dont need a Bin Laden Video game.

X-DominusRebellis-X2758d ago

They could add him as a practice character in Mortal Combat only you could practice your fatalities on the bugger! lol

CrzyFooL2758d ago

What he said. Bin Laden is dead, let's forget about him and move on.

X-DominusRebellis-X2758d ago

@ Genocide..

You forgot to end you sentence with "..." for more of a dramatic/mysterious effect. lol

RankFTW2758d ago

The game would just have 1 level and we all know how it ends so no we don't.

Neo Nugget2758d ago

I"m sure the game would have plenty of replay value for U.S citizens.

AnttiApina2758d ago


I don't want video games to become immature toys and propaganda device for americans.

NukaCola2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Wasn't the level where you took out Castro's dub in Blops kind of exactly how it all went down? There even was a woman used as a human shield. Anyways, that schmuck doesn't deserved the polygons. Bad guy is dead and I don't care to let his memory remain.

[email protected] Below.
In 60 years when the world is not still distrought over it then maybe. But How do you get Hitler from this anyway? I just see no value in making another modern war game just to give OBL an identity. He is already a cancer scar in world history, why glorify that? Plus Hitler wasn't a radical terrorist with no purpose. WWII changed the world forever. Once this war is over, only painful memories are left. (Not degrading or glorifying WW2) Just saying bin Laden is nothing but a a radical psychopath who deserves only his place in hell.

Peaceful_Jelly2758d ago

And you think Hitler deserves them more (the polygons)? That's what I understood after reading your comment... I mean, how many games are there about killing Hitler and nazis and stuff?

Nitrowolf22758d ago

No we don't but i don't think thats gonna stop someone from doing it.

I could see them making a game called Team 6 now

JimmyJames702758d ago

A SEAL game would be fun to play. I'd like to see a Tom Clancy SEAL 6 game.

Otherwise, I bet CoD will make a DLC out of it, charge $30 for it, and set records amount of downloads and $$ earned.

NukaCola2758d ago

SOCOM? You kind of want a fast paced shooter. DevGrou is really no joke tho.

usa goldberg2758d ago

one man against an empire

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