Uncharted: 7 Fan Made Art Works That Will Blow You Away

GB: "Uncharted is a fantastic series and it goes without saying that it is indeed Sony’s and PlayStation 3′s premium franchise. Obviously from a visual point, the official art work for the series is mind boggling, but there are some really awesome fan made art work that deserves some recognition.
Today we take a look at 7 of these."

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Joni-Ice2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Those are some awesome pictures. Keep up the good work! Naughty Dog would be flattered.

inveni02606d ago

The one with Lara Croft is stupid, though. Anyone can use Photoshop to blend photos together. But only amateurs (like the creator of the Croft image) can make it look obvious.

MaxOpower2605d ago

Some of them were not fan art, but concept art form naughty dog.

malamdra2606d ago

I want to see the Haze fan made art works

lh_swe2604d ago

Thanks for that, that was a funny oneXD

MidnytRain2606d ago

Most of those were good. I wasn't really feeling #4 and #6, though. Also, is #5 photoshopped? It looks exactly like the images that were released by the publishers.

alexi_6662606d ago

yup. 5 was photoshopped. just copy and pasted lara in front of nate.

my faves 3!! go Kalen!! <3

InLaLaLand2606d ago

Yeah it seems like most of them were created on photoshop (pretty great btw).

Off topic, have you seen how Ubisoft did the artwork for Prince of Persia (2008 game) on Photoshop, check it out on youtube, pretty incredible.

Rocket Sauce2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

#2 is concept art - I'm digging #7, though.

waltyftm2606d ago

The first one was excellent, Number 7 made me laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.