Unleash Mr. Toots With Armageddon Demo

If you fancy fulfilling your destructive nature to the max, then rest assured because the Red Faction: Armageddon demo is now available to download from Xbox Live. The demo will also be available on PS3, as soon as everything is back up and running that is. But that’s not all, because THQ have promised that when the demo hits 1 million downloads they will unleash Mr. Toots. But who, or what, is Mr. Toots?

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Thrungus2759d ago

Not quite the bird hammer!

T-What2759d ago

Still very crazy and funny... Is this a freddiew creation, how did this end up in Red Faction,lol

Quagmire2758d ago

It was created by Red Faction, they gave it to freddiew

PrimordialSoupBase2759d ago

Not very impressed with the demo. :(