EA shows line-up for E3

PSFocus writes: Over almost a month the E3 of 2011 begins and Electronic Arts shows what they have in store for us. See the line-up via the link.

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captain-obvious2780d ago

cant wait for the BF3 MP E3 footage and info

KeiserSosay47882780d ago

Oh yeah dude, I'm super excited about the MP reveal.

HK62779d ago

The last one sucked in my opinion. The first one was good though.

moaradin2780d ago

Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Lots of big games on that list.

Syphled2780d ago

Jup and there could be more, because there is standing 'and more' at the end. So it's gonna be great or it looks that way at least :)

Convas2779d ago

Mercenaries 3 with Frostbite 2.0

I'll PM you with my Paypal details so you can wire me the money you'll owe me when it happens. ;)

Syphled2779d ago


Lol, will do :)