Wii 2: What Developers Want

Wii 2 or ‘Project Café’ or whatever it's ultimately called will be unveiled for the first time next month at Nintendo's E3 press conference. Rumors about the machine's capabilities continue to fly, but IndustryGamers wanted to hear from developers about what they most would like to see in a new Nintendo console. The general consensus from the people IG chatted with was that developers would love to see Nintendo really enhance its online and digital offerings.

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Menech2758d ago

I have said it before and I will say it again.

Developers couldn't care less about the hardware, there only interested in it's named the Nintendo Donkey Punch.

ChickeyCantor2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

"There", "it's named"...and then followed by something stupid.

Sir are you a troll ?

Menech2758d ago

Actually am just someone that enjoy a little humour in my day.

You know in between the fanboy rants and hissy fits?

LoaMcLoa2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Say that to Epic Games or Dice... You really think they wouldn't care about compromising their engines to the Wii's hardware?

Wikkid6662758d ago

It definitely will not be named Wii 2.

More likely Super Wii or Wii HD... or something completely new. Nintendo has never made a 2.

ChickeyCantor2758d ago

It will not be called Wii period.

Wikkid6662758d ago

Might not... but do you think they are willing to walk away from the Wii brand name? Is this going to be completely new console or is it just and upgrade?

ChickeyCantor2758d ago

If we were to believe the rumors, the hardware is different, but it will still support BC.

SpLinT2758d ago

it will called Wagina