DailyJoypad Preview: A Pirate’s Life For Me With LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

No one needs to be told about how much potential a game that features both LEGO and pirates has. With a love of LEGO spreading throughout every generation and the fact that Disney make pirates cool, what is there not to like about TT Games’ LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean? DailyJoypad got the chance to find out the answer to this question when Disney Interactive recently invited them along to get hands-on with the game and sit down with TT Games’ Head of Production, Jonathan Smith.

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Thrungus2757d ago

The Demo is now on Live, downloading now.

NukaCola2757d ago

Like every LEGO game, I am sure it's awesome sauce. Biggest pro in Pirates is including the 4th film. As much as I loved LEGO Indy 2, it sort of was milked with Kingdoms and remakes of the original trilogy.