Winner of Pro- Am Challenge selects PS3 over Wii or Xbox360 Halo Edition

After winning the tournament, the winner only has one thing on his mind.......ps3.

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JsonHenry3630d ago

Of course he chose the PS3, he ALREADY OWNS an Xbox360!

The name of the article needs changed. It is VERY misleading.

dale13630d ago

thats why he,s a winner not a loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bill Gates3630d ago


wangdiddy823630d ago

chosen the chick interviewing him.. lol.. Damn she was hott.. Have you noticed a lot of hot girls are getting involved with the gaming world these days..

Ps3 good choice..

TheXgamerLive3630d ago

I'd of taken the Xbox 360 Halo edition, or a Wii and gave it to my Grandpa to play for exercise.

segasage3630d ago

way to exercise some common sense..

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The story is too old to be commented.