10 Video Game Characters Who Would Make The Worst Roommates Ever

Video Game Characters are just like regular people. They have friends, possessions, jobs and most importantly, the need to have a roof over their heads. But not everyone gets to be Simon Belmont with your own castle or Samus Aran with your own space ship. Sometimes, even people chosen to save the Galaxy need to split the cost of cable with someone. That’s where you come in. You have an extra room, you need to fill it fast and the protagonist of Mass Effect has just responded to your Craig’s List ad. Should you accept?

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kyl2772754d ago

Nathan Drake due to all the wisecracking.

Godmars2902754d ago

I would think being a gun nut who leaves his guns all over the place and sneaking up on you from time to time would be more of a problem.

That and his bossy girlfriends who keep dropping by. Not to mention the "uncle" who's always dropping and hitting on your dates.

brish2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

A necromorph would be the worst roommate.

RedDead2754d ago

Pyramid head more like...would want to get raped every 10 minutes would you?

rabidpancakeburglar2754d ago

I would love to have Lance Vance as a roommate

antauwnehart2754d ago

these are the top ten characters that should have never been created fixed!

SeraphimBlade2754d ago

Solid Snake. I can barely stand when my room mate's on the phone. makes it really hard to focus. This guy spends all freaking day on a codec. Which is like an invisible bluetooth so you can never tell if he's finally gone crazy and started talking to himself

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