Infamous 2 UGC Tools 'Owe Debt To Media Molecule'

NowGamer: Chris Zimmerman, co-founder of Sucker Punch has detailed how LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule prepared his team to create user-generated content tools...

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xTruthx2780d ago

Yay for dev's helping each other

Rumor2780d ago

too bad I didnt even get to play with the ugc.

Damn hackers

Kon_Artist 2780d ago

you will get to, they'r extending the time period for the ugc

achmetha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I've been playing the beta and creating stuff with the UGC this entire time it's been down?

It asks you to log in and then continues to let you play once it says "Playstation is doing maintenance."

Edit: My assumption is that you couldn't download it yet, eh? Lame.

rezzah2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

That's what Sony devs do, they talk about it all the time in their interviews.

Example NG is like right down the street from Insomniac, and they basically meet up at lunch or when ever and share ideas and information.

They're close and you can easily see it in both the J&D and R&C series.


The lighting effect technology in LBP2 was borrowed from Santa Monica's GOW3.

Bathyj2780d ago

We ALL owe a debt to Media Molecule.

Ilikegames762780d ago

It's no wonder Sony bought them.

iamnsuperman2780d ago

It seems Sony has done well buying all their studios. They seem to help each other. Naughty Dog also helped with visuals. Sony has got it bang on with their First party developers and using their unique abilities to help the other first party developers.

banjadude2780d ago

Sony did a fantastic job collaborating all their first party devs!

Tony-Red-Grave2780d ago

agreeded MM from what i heard brought together a very interactive creative community and showed the potential of CPS, create play share if im right?, and UGC also love the helping of devs in the playstation division this how game devs should be competitive but helpful.

Denethor_II2780d ago

A lot of great stuff has came from LBP showing people. It's always interesting to see what people will create.

Masterchef20072780d ago

Sony loves buying great devs and creating incredible first party studios. Sony really does care about the core which is why i switched over from the otherside. But then again i grew up with playstation which to me is a brand of quality and quantity.

It thrills me to see Sonys studios work with each other and seeing this feature in Infamous because of Media Molecule is a joy to me.

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