Call of Duty: Black Ops – Escalation Map Pack Gameplay (HD 720p)

Botchweed writes: "We’ve recorded gameplay from four matches to show what the maps are like in-case your uncertain on purchasing them and later tonight we will be checking out the new “Call of the Dead” zombie mode featuring celebrities."

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X-DominusRebellis-X2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

It's the same shit! It doesn't anyone see that? It takes them barely anytime to put the maps together, it should have been included with the games release, and now they are going to charge another $9.99/$14.99 for it. So then...

Call of Duty: BO - $59.99
DLC 1 - $14.99
DLC 2 - $14.99
Total - $90.00 before tax...

Anyone who bought this game on release and buys the DLC for over 90$ together is a fucking tool! I'd rather kill my cat before paying that!

EDIT: "Call of the Dead" lol whoa how original /s

Yast3r2781d ago

Meh, looks like the same ol' uninspired garbage to me.

SolidStoner2781d ago

Nothing special.. worth about 3$, considering how much money they would get if everyone buys it!

S_C2781d ago

Mate shut up have you even played the map take it by your comment you havent. This is one of THE best cod DLC theres been.....all the maps are great and zombies map is nuts

SolidStoner2781d ago

I have eyes you know :)

Im just saying this is "Nothing special" and they shouldnt release map pack every month for 15 $, you can save on buying 2 DLC maps for COD and buy a new game to play.

S_C2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

When did i every say in my last comment you didnt have eyes? hmmmm no. 2 quid a map isit really that bad. The size of the maps in this map pack are much bigger than normall and much more stuff in them. so no they are not worth 3$.
Yes everybody would like cheaper maps but your paying for what you are getting in this map pack

GameGuy2781d ago

This doesn't look all that exciting. I wish they gave more for 15 bucks.

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