5 Ways To Put Your Useless PS3 To Work

Gamertag Radio writes: "Recently, as you probably already know, the Internet has been set on fire with rumors, speculation, and fanboy hate regarding the PSN breach. Lawsuits have been filed, harsh words have been spoken, and handfuls of websites have regurgitated dizzying amounts of information; however, no real answers have been given. What are victims supposed to do about all this nonsensical Playstation behavior?"

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movements2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Spam. My ps3 is NOT useless. Hmm, let's see: OFFLINE GAMES! - Blu-Ray, Netflix, Internet Browser, Music etc....Come again with that opinion. Btw, it's an Opinion Piece. Fix that.

Misterhbk2755d ago

Lack of internet makes a console useless? Damn, I didn't know that considering I just beat Infamous, been playing Ultimate Ninja 2 and Tekken 6 with friends, also played a little Dragon Age Origins, but not too much.

there is a such thing as single player games. Or some of us actually have friends that can come over and play multiplayer that way. Article Fails.

iamnsuperman2755d ago

Looking for hits. "Useless PS3" please be reasonable and stop writing flaimbait rubbish. There are some bad "Journalists" out there

sikbeta2755d ago

Useless? guess there people who still thinking this is 2007 lol...

NukaCola2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I'm on N4G via PS3 right now. Been playin Portal 2, Mass 2, Fallout NV, watching movies. I would say the PS3 is far from useless.

I truly hope the lack of Online and mostly COD has made gamers appreciate the heart of what games have all over again. Those immersive SP experiences, story, etc. Just you and a fantasizing & captivating world all alone to get lost in.

tehpees32755d ago

How did this even get approved? you can play games offline. this is exactly what people mean about stupid journalists spinning a story.

I don't even know where to begin to describe the fail here.

Boody-Bandit2755d ago

The only time my PS3 is useless is during a power outage.

Just another site begging for attention.

Information Minister2755d ago

I don't get it... Is this supposed to be funny? Is the author trying to be sarcastic? I honestly can't tell.

SixShotCop2755d ago Show
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TBM2755d ago

I've been using my PS3 everyday for a few hrs here, and there playing games, blu rays, netflix, using the browser for a bit. Also listening to my music too.

BLAKHOODe2755d ago

I hate opinion pieces on N4G. I only end up reading them if I happen to not notice they're marked 'opinion', otherwise, I skip them.

But yea, a PS3 w/o PSN is far from useless for all the reasons you listed.

fedexas2755d ago

I don't know about this article but I've been playing Basara Heroes lately and I have plans to play games I haven't beaten yet.


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mrv3212755d ago

Blu-rays, DVD's, games... you know the reason I bought a PS3.

Silly gameAr2755d ago

Don't get so worked up guys. This site is just playing follow the leader. Come up with a useless headline and see how many reactions you can get out of people. Best thing to do is take note of the website, and avoid it in the future. If you have games on your PS3, use your PS3 for that purpose. That is what it was made for.

standsonridge2755d ago

And it sound to me like you only read the headline.

Silly gameAr2755d ago

Something is wrong with your hearing then because I did read the article, and imo, it was written to see what kind of reaction the article would receive. The headline alone confirms it.

Soldierone2755d ago

Good writing starts in the headline...and based on this headline its just a flamebait headline with an article we have seen about 20 times now...

Simply change the headline to "Things to Do While PSN is Down" and wow, 50 articles pop up from the past week.....

M-Easy2755d ago

I'm going to keep telling people this until we rid N4G of flame baiting troll "articles"

Remember people if you're tired of this crap you can click *UNDER* "read full story" on the " +" hyperlink and under did you like this story click wtf, and for like this website click NO!!!!

MaximusPrime2755d ago

Useless? I ve been using it every day.

B1663r2755d ago

My xbox was down for like a week, see it was in Ohio, and I was in Florida for spring break. All I could do was say high to it from

But you know, I got to ride the very cool Harry Potter ride at Universal, and had my first experience with Butter Beer. No really the Harry Potter Island is very very cool.

Trroy2755d ago

Been playing zillions of games while PSN is down. The only thing I'm missing is my regular infusion of MAG (and SOCOM 4, which I hardly even got started with).

themarriedgamer2755d ago

still playing everything retail on ps3. I like playing games solo. It's my experience.

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