Too Little, Too Late - Sony PSN Editorial

Sony is giving a 30-day "free" upgrade for their PSN Plus program. Is it too little, too late, or is it reasonable compensation for the debacle that is the "PSN Outage"?

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macky3012755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Late for what?

These articles are a complete fuc*ing joke,.. Apparently interwebs got so big, sites really have to compete really hard for hits with sensationalism,..
You guys are ones, that are at least a week late,.

Joni-Ice2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I call that title the "I NEED HITS" title.

caseh2755d ago Show
TheMonkeyMen2755d ago

how is it too late when PSN isn't even up yet?

LOL,these sensational headlines, i swear every other site is trying to out do Hiphopgamer...

clintos592755d ago

When sony decides to leave the gaming industry, watch how crappy it will be, especially with no one to really push gaming to new standards. The day they leave this industry is the day i will call it quits for gaming.

Joni-Ice2755d ago

To be honest, if I had to choose 1 company to leave the gaming industry, it wouldn't be Sony.

caseh2755d ago

I'd like to see Sega come back into the hardware market but after some of their epic f*ckups its probably best they stick to software. Give us Shenmue III! :D

news4geeks2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

good point. Microsoft are pumping resources into the soft and girly kinect and nintendo hate the idea of an original IP. Thankfully PC gaming would still be around to keep me entertained.

Rynx2754d ago

I've said this to myself too. I won't be gaming all my life (I've started since the SNES days). I've had a taste of almost all the mainstream consoles from Genesis (cousin's) & Dreamcast (own), NES through Gamecube (friend's) as well as both Xbox iterations (friend's). I've went the playstation route since since PSOne and while I am aware of every systems shortcomings I, personally, was always impressed with what the playstation brand has to offer. From its games to its hardware, this has become something I always look forward to.

So let's face it, if the brand got out of the industry, then it's about time for me to move on as well. Not to mention this day and age in the internet we are going through where gaming journalism is taking a step backwards. It really embarrasses me sometimes when I go on this site witnessing all the flamebait poorly written articles reaching over 500 degrees. As well as the PR departments tugging at the strings of more "professional" media outlets like cheap puppets found at a flea market with the paint fading away. It really leaves me facepalming while pondering "wow and this is the gaming community I'm apart of".

The competition doesn't do it for me. I mean I'll always have a soft spot for Nintendo, but they just don't get it that Online is where the industry is heading and this Project "Cafe" will be another miss in that department. At least they'll have the hardware up to par (if rumors are true). Now Microsoft, on the other hand, while giving credit where credit is due has mainstreamed online in consoles but their hardware leaves much to be desired. The infamous RROD has got to be the biggest blunder in console history yet because of Live being touted as the second coming, SONY got more heat because of their PSN being down. Really?

I didn't miss out on anything that I myself felt was a must have experience. I have yet to play ME2 and Red Dead Redemption because I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything (contrary to what IGN and G4TV would have you believe) and that's ok. Which is why I'll be ok if SONY ever does decide to pull out and I decide to stop gaming altogether. That just me though.

Chaostar2755d ago

How much longer can the media keep flogging this dead horse?

Answer: until people stop clicking the links and giving them undeserved hits.

Falaut2755d ago

what I've actually started doing is taking a note of the sources and a lot of these sites. Now I know mainstream media is a f'in joke to begin with, along with offshoots like the ones that cover gaming. Even when this is "fixed" we'll still be hearing about it with the likes of, here I'll give you clowns some ideas;

PSN back online, are you trusting enough to return?
Sony network back up and running, for now.
I j*rked off to much and popped a blood vessel, why Sony?

All high quality article headlines, beaming with integrity.


Joni-Ice2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

WOW, Im doing the same thing. It got that bad. They should change it from N4G to RFG (Rumors From Gamers)

caseh2755d ago

This PSN upgrade is actually a very nice bonus. You may lose bonus content that is exclusive to PSN+ when it expires however you may see some titles/dlc/themes that you wanted to buy through the standard PSN but via psn+ it may be half price or have a nice discount.

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