Transformers Dark of the Moon preview, new screens

STN Writes:

Transformers Dark of the Moon releases later this year and yes you guessed it, a video game of the same name is also on the way. We recently got a chance to see what to expect when the game hits later this year and to be honest, it looks promising.

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Stunt2781d ago

With High Moon making this, it may turn out to be one of those rare "good" movie games.

No_Pantaloons2781d ago

Its called "dark of the moon", not dark side.

dirthurts2781d ago

That is some mighty green foliage for a game called "Dark Side of the Moon".

Blaze9292781d ago

...when did Transformers 'Dark Side of the Moon' get announced?

wotta2781d ago

Haha oops Dark Side of the Moon is a Pink Floyd song isn't it, my bad :D