Rio Review [Game Revolution]

"Sometimes, gamers need something epic. Sometimes, our collective group needs an incredible story to latch onto, some defining moment when everyone in the room widens their eyes and murmurs "no freakin' way."

But sometimes all we need is to sit down, relax, and dance on the couch. That's where Rio comes in." ~ Kevin Dermody, Game Revolution (Rio, XBox 360)

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Koolaye2754d ago

I totally want to see this movie!

samurailincoln2754d ago

lol. You're such a girl. :p

stormeagle62754d ago

Huh? You mean brightly colored dancing birds isn't manly?

Koolaye2754d ago

oooh c'mon! You know you want to see it too!! The characters look cute and fluffy and stuff!

LostTokens2754d ago

It really IS manly! Colorful birds FTW!