4.0 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 'Reverie' review

Sadly not a DLC package to get your teeth into

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antauwnehart2780d ago

Wow hahahaha1 fail!Casltevania lord of shadows was a terrible game any ways no amount of dlc can save it!

JonDiskonected2780d ago

opinions my man, opinions

I actually loved it, true that the necromancer part wasnt the best part of the game, but the werewolf and vampire sections were awsome

Highlife2780d ago

I wanted to like the game but coming off of playing GOW it just wasn't as good. I couldn't finish it.

@antauwnehart Seems like you get enjoyment seeing a game get a bad review. Why is that?

antihiroprotagonist2780d ago

This game was amazing; you guys are smoking something terrible