The Best Portal 2 Video You Will See All Week

GB: "A user on Youtube by the name of XwoGT has made this awesome video showing how awesome Portal 2 really is. Check it out, as words possibly cant describe how awesome this video is."

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Joni-Ice2779d ago

Great Video, but I don't get it. Do I have to play Portal to understand what was going on?

Tdmd2779d ago

I guess so. I didn't get it either.

Pikajew2779d ago

I only played the first and I get it.

Lirky2779d ago

I noticed the pc version of portal2 renders better in animation. Nice video of tricks though.

OcelotRigz2779d ago

I dont see whats so special about this video.
Its not that i dont like portal, i love it, finished it yesterday, brilliant game. But its just that there's nothing special in this video, i dont get it. Words couldn't describe "that"?

NBT912779d ago

He used the Game physics to get to areas you are not necessarily supposed to, I described it with words...

SirBillyBones2779d ago

I thought it was pretty pointless to be honest.

This is the best Portal 2 video I've seen this week:

He uses tricks to actually solve puzzles, rather than to just stand on high ledges...

csreynolds2779d ago

I'm with you dude... that video's far better!

OcelotRigz2779d ago

That was a far more interesting video, it encourages you to try different ways to complete a level, also i didn't even know you could throw a cube like that.

moeqawama2779d ago

What I wanna know is what is that song in the background? The beat is freakin amazing!

dumahim2779d ago

It's called The Device Has Been Modified v2 by Victims of Science

I kinda like it.

moeqawama2778d ago

Thank u so much man! Appreciate it!

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