UK Banks Advising Against Replacing Cards after PlayStation Network Hack

A surprising turn of events, given the very public nature of the data interception of the PlayStation Network account holders, it appears that UK banks are advising their customers against replacing their existing debit and credit cards. When contacted by members of Electronic Theatre’s team wishing to fins out more details about their own personal accounts, we were advised that there really is ‘nothing to worry about’.

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Joni-Ice2780d ago

Let them advise all they want. If fraud charges occur on the card then they will be responsible.

r1sh122780d ago

I think they are just saying that so it doesnt cost them to replace potentially millions of cards.
Personally if I had my credit card linked to my PSN account I would change it anyway.
Its better to get it done now and not have to worry about chasing the paper trail if some uses your cards.
The most confusing thing is that they havent named any specific bank. Its a confusing time for people who have linked accounts, because some 'experts' say change everything asap, and others say dont.

pocketaces112780d ago

The fraud would cost them WAY more then the card replacement. If they felt this information was out their they would be calling you to have the card replaced.

RedDragan2779d ago

Already changed mine, and my bank was not giving this impression at all. In fact, the lady who answered my call said she was expecting a phone call from me and we had the situation sorted in seconds.

PS. It's amazing when you speak to a person in the same country as you, glad I don't have to speak to somebody in bleeding India anymore!

radphil2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

They'd rather have people not blindly panic first.

They're basically the gate keepers to your money, so if anything turned up they'd be the first to know.

I've already been in a situation before where my bank had word of card acquiring, so they issued out a mass change themselves, rather than having pockets of people randomly changing and thus disorganization would occur.

Edit: Wow barely a minute and someone heads straight to the disagree without reading. They need to change this system up of people voting needing to respond.

pocketaces112780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I agree I got one to don't quite get it. If someone would like it I can prove to them I work for a bank and know what I'm talking about. They don't even actual reply as to why they disagree I hate that button it's just a cowards way to say your wrong. If you disagree tell us why then we can have an intelligent conversation. oh wait you probably don't do intelligent sorry

#@#^#$^&%^&... ok that disagree is just cruel :)

frelyler2780d ago

I agree 100%, like I have said previously, even monkeys can learn to click a box with a mouse. Now watch the disagrees.

Tired2780d ago

Monkey see...Monkey do!

frelyler2780d ago

Thanks for proving my point people!

xtremexx2780d ago

do what they say ... then sue them

pocketaces112780d ago

alright american not all countries like to sue people for everything. Even if he got defrauded they would just give him his money back and he would get a new card no suing necessary.

RedDragan2779d ago

Here here, only in America can someone sue another for any reason under the sun.

Case in point, American woman sued McDonalds because she spilt coffee over herself. In Europe the judge would charge her for wasting the courts time! I remember all of Europe turned and laughed at America saying "You guys are screwed, you just entered a suing culture with that precedent".

And lo and behold, America has entered a suing culture.

Revvin2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I had the same response from my bank

<Edit> Idiots hitting disagree, why? I was told by my bank there was no need to change my card, sorry if that goes against any hysterical "Sony are evil" views you may have but this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion.

RedDragan2779d ago

Haters gonna hate. Most who are disagreeing with you are too young to have control of their own bank account. Don't let it get to you.

DWOM2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

advising AGAINST replacing cards?
They told me that I don't need to replace mine :)

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