Yakuza 3 - New and Extended Battle Trailer

Sega just released a new and extended battle trailer from Yakuza 3 for Playstation 3.

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mastershake1004080d ago


i wish i had the chance to play yakuza 2, BRING IT TO AMERICA SEGA!!!

AenimaPT4080d ago

They have already confirmed Yakuza 2 for US. Maybe for the 1st quarter of 2008.

gtgcoolkid4080d ago

The video was awesome and am wondering if they will bring this game to America as the last one is just about to come over. So will Yakuza 3 come with little bit of a delay or a long time because I really want to play this.

AenimaPT4080d ago

Good question, but i think theres nothing confirmed yet. I also hope it gets out of japan faster then yakuza 2 did. I just loved Yakuza 1, so i cant wait to play the 2nd and 3rd too.

Skerj4080d ago

I wasn't too impressed with the combat until near the middle of the trailer, then it just got badass. But I don't play Yakuza for the fighting, I want the story to be awesome.

AenimaPT4080d ago

Yeah, Yakuza 1 had some great fighting moments but the strong point was the story that i just loved. I also loved the free roaming and mini games.

lonestarmt4080d ago

yes plus playing in modern day japan was cool too! however I love the idea of playing in fuedal japan even more!!!

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