PSN 'Welcome Back' offer: Is Sony trying to upsell Playstation Plus? |

XMNR: Sony announced plans to make up for the loss of service and inconvenience after admitting that the Playstation Network had been breached and that personal and credit card information had been compromised. However, did Sony see this as an opportunity to repair its relationship with Playstation 3 owners or an opportunity to upsell Playstation Plus?

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DeeZee2785d ago

Sigh, people are reading too much into this. I think they're just trying to do something to show they're sorry for PSN going down for so long.

Joni-Ice2785d ago

NO...Why you ask? If Sony was trying to up sale then they would have up sale it from the get go. They would have offered the "Try Playstation Plus for 30 days free" when Plus was launch. It may look like they are trying to up sale but they are not. If the breach would have never happened, the 30 days free Plus wouldn't either.

Soldierone2784d ago

Not only that, but Sony is ALSO providing FREE content elsewhere. They noted a free game or content based on region will ALSO be available. So you don't even need to use the free trial of is that up selling?

Either take the free GIFT and be happy, play on PSN, or go find another network and STFU.end of story people.

(and just incase, no this wasn't targeted at you Joni)

thugbob2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Yes they are upselling. All of those things that you will enjoy while enjoying your free 30 day trial of PS+ will be gone as soon as the PS+ trial is over. You will have to resubscribe in order to play those games that you downloaded in PS+. Sony is kind trying to hook people into getting PS+.

"they would have up sale it from the get go."

If Sony would have done it from the get go that would have been a bad idea. PS+ didn't offer anything worthwhile when it was first introduced.

"If the breach would have never happened, the 30 days free Plus wouldn't either."

Although you are right in the fact that we would have never had PS+ if the breach didn't happen that doesn't mean Sony isn't using the Free PS+ trial as an opportunity to get users to subscribe.

I could say that if Sony isn't trying to upsell PS+ then why give use free PS+? Why not make certain things free instead so that we can have it forever no matter if we subscribe to PS+ or not.

It just doesn't matter anyway. Is Sony trying to upsell PS+ a bad thing? No it's not. So I don't understand why people are so quick to say Sony isn't trying to upsell. Sony gets more subscribers we get 30 day free PS+. We both win no matter if Sony did this with the intent to upsell PS+.

HolyOrangeCows2784d ago

A month of free access to games! It's a trap!

shoddy2784d ago

I get free online that's why I'm not hard on sony.

imagine Sony give us xchat(since some people keep complaining) but make us pay $60. I'll game on PC and hack the ps3.

badz1492784d ago

No it isn't. Instead of making a particular content on PSN free, Sony decided to give PS+ to everybody which means lots of free contents for the month. Sure free stuffs like free PSN game and Minis wIll be gone after a month but avatars, dynamic themes and games you buy at discounted prices will be yours forever. Sure this looks like trying to upsell it but it comes with lots of incentives for everyone. You may not want to ever subscribe to PS+ but in the end, u still got free stuffs as compensation for a disruptep free service you ain't paying a dime for. That's something worth thinking before u start off whining like an ungrateful bastard!

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joydestroy2784d ago

you know something negative has to be said lol
you offer something free and someone is going to think it's some type of scheme or scam. that's just how it goes these days.

Statix2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Of COURSE they're trying to up-sell PSN+. AND THIS ISN'T A BAD THING. The Welcome Back program benefits both the consumer and Sony to some degree, and thus it's a win-win. It's a win for Sony, and it's a win for the consumer.

You know how some magazine companies occasionally offer free subscriptions to people, in order to boost their subscription numbers (thus, making their magazines look more attractive to potential advertisers)? This is sort of like that.

Days before Sony ever announced the perks people would get, I already predicted that Sony would be giving free 2-3 month subscriptions to PSN+. I thought this would be the absolute BEST plan of action for Sony, as it benefits the consumer, AND it gives some nice marketing for the PSN+ program. I thought this would be a great idea, and it ended up coming to true.

Commendations for a good business strategy on Sony's part, as well as making good for the end-user at the end.

thugbob2784d ago

I said the same thing and got disagrees lol.

ilikestuff2784d ago

yea, i think they are just saying sorry but of course if they get more plus members out of this i doubt theyll lose sleep over it

DirtyLary2784d ago

Agreed. Anything to hate on the console you don't like.

Sites like this are grabbing at straws trying to stir shit up to get hits. Pathetic.

tplarkin72784d ago

Sony is using this disaster to market their products. You can't blame them for trying to recoup a loss.

However, this marketing strategy does nothing to solve their complacency. They are stuck in the previous century. They refuse to change.

BubbleSniper2784d ago

refuse to change????

let me know when ms stuffs a blu-ray player in their machine...

refuse to change. hahahaha

nycredude2784d ago

Bluray player? Let me know when MS reveals or releases a new exclusive not named Kinect " ". Maybe then I would have a reason to want to buy another 360.

badz1492784d ago

Do you mean refuse to "charge"?

Scary692784d ago

I don't give a hoot, I just want the PSN up and running. >:-(

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LOGICWINS2785d ago

Yeah, that sounds like the plan. Its a smart marketing move IMO. Theres nothing wrong with trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

Those that resub get the content they want and Sony makes more revenue. Win/Win

The problem I have with the welcome back incentive is that gamers don't get to choose WHEN they want to use the free month of PSN Plus.

From what I understand, EVERYONE on PSN will be upgraded to PS Plus status as soon as the PS Store comes back.

Why can't I choose to use my free one month sub in August or November?

Joni-Ice2785d ago

Thats not true. When the PSN service go's back online there will be a brief period before the welcome back program starts.

LOGICWINS2784d ago

^^Didn't know that. Some else on here told me that the free sub would start right when PSN comes back.

LOGICWINS2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

^^LOL, why I'm a getting disagrees for stating fact?

^^Right there. Read Scary69 and Zydake's comments.

Max_Dissatisfaction2784d ago

Ah gees come on people. This is one part about this fiasco that I wouldn't give SONY flak for.
I'm in no way a SONY apologist but this is one thing that does not deserve such scrutiny

Mr Tretton2784d ago

The game media is a really crappy game with no ending that you can never win.

Flashwave_UK2784d ago

do something your the SCEA CEO

badz1492784d ago

It's a "pay-to-win" game! Apologizing ang giving away free contents are not enough lol

admiralvic2784d ago

Is this most likely a marketing move? Yes
Would anything for free most likely be a marketing move? Yes
Would people complain without freebies? Read any of the 100+ topics on N4G recently... there was always someone complaining that Xbox did it.

Now people are complaining about what they're giving? Seriously Leave Sony the Shaqfu alone =.=! This could be a market ploy but they're admiting fault and still giving stuff away. It's not like PSN plus puts you that far ahead feature wise and its not like experiencing it will make me pay for plus. Most people will get Streets of Rage 2, enjoy the classic side scroller and be happy PSN is back up so these topics will end.

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