CVG - Call Of Duty: Black Ops map packs - Where do you stand?

CVG - Call of Duty: Black Ops got some brand new DLC today in a bundle labelled 'Escalation'.

It's the familiar combination of multiplayer maps and zombie zones allowing COD players to continue their military mayhem in some new surroundings.

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Justin_bristoe2782d ago

i stand in one of those maps with a rifle

BeastlyRig2782d ago

i stand on cod game box then I kick it!

chriski3332782d ago

sorry i stand by my money this time no more money for activison

TheWeepingKiller2782d ago

Activision sure knows how to milk a franchise dry..

TheDivine2782d ago

I dont care for anything except the zombie maps which they put one of in each pack so we buy them all those smug basta***s. I really want the new zombie map (i acually havnt bought a map pack ever) and hell yea il get this one. I shoulda got it on 360 though cuz psn is down and they get map packs months late anyways so its old news by then.

a_squirrel2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

...psn is up, and it doesn't get maps a month late.

BeckyLikesChocolate2782d ago

maps look tight but the cod community are a bunch of campers. online competitive play is ruined. zombies are fun but not enough to make me not sell my copy of bo

DirtyLary2782d ago

Who cares if people camp. All cod maps are a rat maze with a path to double back on a camper and kill him easy. You whiners need to learn to play. Campers are the easiest kills.

BeckyLikesChocolate2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

umad? yep umad. you're a camper. whining? so because i think campers slow the game down and ruin the fun makes me a whiner? and i do know how to play. my k/d is like 1.53 with NO GHOST, ALL RUSHING WITH AN MP5K(LOUD) AND AN ASP PISTOL not a silenced-punk*** famas or galil. im no elite player but considering my loadout against all the ghost/silenced campers i did pretty good maintaining that k/d. campers need rushers but rushers dont need campers. we rushers go out and try to have fun and HUNT our kills which takes way more skill than camping and you know it. no way around it. cant wait till cod has rusher modes that would separate real players from campers. let the campers have their own boring lobbies where in each 10 minute match the score ends in 200-0

go ahead and disagree cause i know the truth hurts

Otheros002782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I shred cod to show how much I hate it and how broken it is.

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