Female characters done right: Mass Effect's FemShep

Wundergeek: I can’t say how much I love that FemShep isn’t Barbie, like the vast majority of video game women. For one thing, she’s not terribly busty unlike Miranda or Samara, which is awesome. She’s slender, sure, but kicking ass burns a lot of calories. I guess it’s a sad statement about the state of game design when a female flagship character with a flat-ish chest can make me so happy, but there you go.

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The_Nameless_One2755d ago

Meh. My femshep is way hotter.

Miths2755d ago

Does anyone actually use the default FemShep? Unlike the default male Shepard who's modeled after a real person if I'm not mistaken, FemShep is just a mildly attractive but pretty bland product of the character generator.

Fortunately the character generator is robust enough to produce far more attractive (or whatever features you prefer) results.

But face aside, it is pretty nice to see a kickass female character in full body armor rather than hotpants or a bikini. Not that I mind the latter in some games :p.

Figboy2755d ago

My femshep is pretty hot. Definitely hotter than the default femshep:

I'm rather fond of her. Sadly, I couldn't make my femshep on the PS3 version as hot, but she's this smokin' black/middle-eastern looking chick with purple eyes. lol.

Of course, Jennifer Hale's voice makes most femsheps sexy anyway.

Pozzle2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

She's pretty cute. It's funny- so many character designers seem to think that all male gamers want is 'generically sexy' female characters with big tits and asses, but just looking at the hundreds of different and unique FemSheps around the 'net just goes to show that it isn't true.

Gamers seem to know how to come up with more interesting character designs than many actual character designers!

ATiElite2755d ago

she looks cross eyed. either way good job. one of the better FemShep i've seen.

ct032755d ago

Have you seen Sally though? She's the hottest Shepard I know:

humbleopinion2755d ago

i'm really sorry, but from the second pic it looks like your femshep is in chemo and wearing a wig - Either that or she just took he helmet off after a very bad hair day...
But other than that very nice

Figboy2755d ago

For some reason, the photo makes her look cross eyed. I think it was the weird angle I took the pic at. In game, she isn't cross eyed at all. lol.

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