FTG Review: Mortal Kombat (360)

"In 1992, Midway ordered a group of four to create a simple fighting game based on actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Adding Van Damme’s star power to digitized graphics and the invention of a block button, the game was meant to be visually stunning and easy to play in order to draw in an audience."- Alex “Bloody Shadow” Cabral

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Fir3truck2754d ago

I can't wait till I get my hands on this one.

Del6732754d ago

Noob friendly like mosy MK games.

TheStonedSheep2754d ago

Am I picking up a hint of malice in that comment?

Bloodyshadow2754d ago

It is GEARED toward a more hardcore audience, but it is, by NO means, specific to that group. There are plenty of tutorials and practice modes that I didn't ut in the review. Give it a rental if anything.

antz11042754d ago

Haven't played in years and I was able to pick it right up. Def an awesome game!

maxcavsm2754d ago

Actually, good question; do you need a fight stick for MK series or can you just play using analog? I'm considering getting this now that the price has dropped already, but I'm no fighter guy

Bloodyshadow2754d ago

Actually, unlike most fighting games, MK encourages use of the D-pad. But there are a lot of guys out their using the analog and fight stick so don't let any control scheme alienate you.

AmigoSniped2754d ago

Its a fun game and I cant wait to pick it up myself