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antauwnehart2786d ago

I take this over any game released in 2011 thus far!

Blacktric2786d ago

Agreed, but because of the game's length and freedom. Not because of the graphics or how polished the game is (which isn't at all). Anyway, I'm definitely getting all of them and especially can't wait for both Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road.

Neko_Mega2786d ago

Yeah, it's a great game but it is one of the games that has the most bugs and glitches ever.

Plus its price has drop down really fast, which isn't a good sign.

I'll take anything that I enjoy playing.

Solidus187-SCMilk2786d ago

I think it was cyber monday amazon was selling it for $40 and I had $20 credit from castlevania and got this for 20.

Great deal, I only had a few glitches, but hours and hours of fun.

I didnt get dead money, but may get some of these.

Neko_Mega2786d ago

I got the collectors Ed. for 32 bucks.

StitchJones2786d ago

Not interested. Had a blast with the main game and could hardly force myself to play Dead Money. Obsidian really messed up this series. Shame on Bethesda for letting them work on it.

Krakn3Dfx2786d ago

Other than some pretty exceptional voice acting for DLC, Dead Money was horrible, I hope they kick it up a notch with these.

Solidus187-SCMilk2786d ago

I finished it twice and then started a hardcore mode(where you get thirsty, hungry and tired). I havent played it for a While but Im going to start it up again and possibly get some of these DLCs. Im not to interested in dead money but some of the others look pretty good.