Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction confirmed by SCEA to be shipping early

We have just confirmed with SCEA that Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction will be shipping early.

Originally scheduled for an October 23rd date, the game was recently pushed back to October 30th. But after seeing a few retail outlets with newly updated October 23rd release dates we contacted our friendly SCEA rep. And it is indeed true, the game is shipping to most retailers early and will be available next week.

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PimpHandHappy4073d ago

spread out these games. Get a little breathing room b4 the Nov landslide of games..Its a good move

Violater4073d ago

price drop, ratchet (AAA), CoD4 (AAA) shortly after, UN-freaking-CHARTED Drakes Schiscall (AAA)
what are people going to use to hate on the PS3 now??
never mind I don't want know
Just enjoy the games guys

Don't forget Warhawk players, the VIOLATER rules the skies

RadientFlux4073d ago

wow next week is going to be terrible on my wallet (thankfully I picked up a few freelance projects).

Next Week's Buy List

Ace Combat

Ratchet and Clank

Scythesean4073d ago

I can agree with that list but Conan... I'm sorry the demo made up my mind for that game within the first 2 minutes. But to each their own, hope you enjoy it.

achira4073d ago

i would buy jericho on the ps3, it looks better on the ps3.

Hatchetforce4073d ago

If you look at the Gametrailers Preview Conan may not be as bad over all as the single demo made it out to be.

Tsalagi4073d ago

From what i could tell about the demo Conan was alright. It does look like it would get really frustrating the further you got into the game though.

Figboy4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

i only have this to say:

how can you choose *SOMEONE ELSES PREVIEW over your *OWN personal experiences with the game?

what i don't understand, is that Conan has scored higher than Heavenly Sword (looking at ign and their ridiculous review methods), but, to *ME, Heavenly Sword absolutely *MOPS THE FRICKING FLOOR with Conan, in *ALL areas (and yeah, i'm talking about the 5 minute Heavenly Sword demo, against the Conan demo).

while Conan, the character, is quite the badass, judging from comics, books, and the movies, Conan, the game character, is a poor man's Kratos.

Nariko, however, is her own character, and her game plays *NOTHING like God of War.

i played the Conan demo. i tried to like it. it's not very good. period.

you can find *TONS of previews of games that are glowing; practically bursting at the seems with praise, and when the game releases, and they actually *REVIEW it, it bombs.

like i've stated many times before, the only opinion that matters to me is my *OWN, and my opinion is that Conan sucks.

but remember, that's just my opinion, and there's nothing wrong with those folks that *DO like Conan. i mean, i'm one to talk, i really like Lair, when, apparently, i'm supposed to hate it, according to the masses. well, sue me for enjoying something, i guess.

i'm not taking issue with anyone who likes Conan, but with taking someone else's opinion on as your own, when you may not even share that opinion ultimately.

*EDIT - oh yeah, and on topic: goddammit! i was looking forward to Ratchet this month, sure, but i'm a little short on funds for the next week, so i won't be able to pick it up! curses!! *sigh* i guess i'll have to find a way to get the game somehow...

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R2-JD4073d ago


I didn't want to wait the extra week.


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The story is too old to be commented.