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EuroGamer - It's hard to shift the cynical feeling that Darkspore, Maxis' action RPG, is more about finding a way to recycle the no-doubt expensive character-editing tech created for the divisive oddity Spore than it is about creating a top-notch dungeon crawler. That's not to say it's bad, as dungeons crawlers go. But you can smell an air of 'systems first, personality later'. It's a robot with a toothy grin crudely painted on its cold, metal face.

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Miths2755d ago

Much too harsh a score in my opinion, as I wrote in the comments section on the review.
For a loot heavy action RPG it's pretty damn good in my opinion, with enough of a twist on the usual formula to make it stand out a bit.

From those who have been playing longer than me (I've clocked around seven hours so far, a mix of solo play and pickup groups through the matchmaking system) it does sound like future patches may need to address some issues that start occurring at later levels, such as unpredictable and random difficulty spikes.

HeartDisease2754d ago

this same reviewer will be on his kness "thanking" blizzard when diable3 finally comes out even though it will have less customization, less diversity, and stilll repeat every fantasy "trope" known to man into its trope filled story. gotta love it.