Auto-Updating Release Calendar Keeps You Constantly Up to Date Wherever You Go

A newly released auto-updating calendar showing confirmed PS3 and/or 360 releases has been released by Allowing users to easily subscribe on an iPhone, Android device, PC or Mac the calendar regularly updates itself for you, keeping you fully up to date on just when you can expect upcoming games to hit the shelves.

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BigDan802779d ago

interesting, will try that on my mac later.

BakedGoods2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

All the release dates are on a Friday--ie. Brink comes out on the 10th (Tuesday) in NA, but the 13th (Friday) in the EU.

So it looks like this is a EU-only release date calendar...damn.

Kris2k02778d ago

I've got to say...... that is absolutely brilliant.

PoisonedMonkey2778d ago

Glad you guys like it, hopefully it should help a lot of people out :)

H8GRIP2778d ago

Great idea, does it include EU release dates as well?

PoisonedMonkey2778d ago

Yes, this only shows EU release dates.

banjadude2778d ago

Great! B/c I'm sick and tired of using gamefaqs and notepad... not that there is anything wrong with the two, but it gets TEDIOUS...!